Power Punch
Pour in Power ... Pour in Life!

Power Punch started it in 1952 and we continue to develop leading edge, top quality lubricant technologies to improve the performance and longevity of all types of automotive and industrial equipment world wide. Through use of proven polymers and rigid field-testing of newer technologies, we have evolved a legendary protector into a state of the art performer. "Pour in Power, Pour in Life... PUNCH IT!" Over the last fifty plus years our products have repeatedly out performed other products, which sell for much more. Thousands of life-long users attest to reduced wear, lower running temperatures, increased horsepower, amazingly long equipment life and cleaner, more efficient running with the modest investment that Power Punch products require. They all tell us that the savings in repairs and fuel alone more than paid for the Power Punch! Our Philosophy Our philosophy has always been to provide the best quality available at the lowest production and distribution cost possible. In this way, we can secure long-term customer loyalty by providing what we promise… and more! Our products have to work well enough to cause us to want to use them in our own cars… and we do! No wild claims, no 30-minute advertisements… just bang for the buck in a product that works!

You can contact us at by email @ [email protected] or phone @ 360-613-2830