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Low speed boxes are usually industrial and agricultural gear boxes that run at low speed, but very high load.

In some cases our Oil Supplement has been used up to 100%.

Our Gear Oil Additive would suffice in this application, but is more expensive.

Some users have had great success with 50% Gear Oil Additive and gear oil, if foaming occurs with 100% Oil Supplement.

If heat or wear is a problem, Power Punch is likely the fix!


Email us if your need additional guidance or would like to purchase a 55 gallon drum.


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PA300 Oil Supplement Gallon 5 Gallon Bucket of Power Punch
Power Punch Oil Supplement in Plastic Gallon Jug.  Beats wear, friction and heat.  Increases power and mileage.  Save money and drive farther. 5 Gallons of Power Punch Oil Supplements in a plastic pail.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage.