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Power Punch FAQ


1)                  Oil Supplements

a.       What is the proper ratio for use in an engine?

                                                              i.      20% to 25% for gasoline engines

                                                            ii.      10% to 20% for diesel engines

b.      What is the proper usage in manual transmissions?

                                                              i.      Use EP1 for best results

                                                            ii.      25% to 50% depending upon load

c.       Can Power Punch fix my engine?

                                                              i.      No, but it can mask some of the symptoms of wear

                                                            ii.      Power Punch can reduce leaks and noise

                                                          iii.      Power Punch can help rings seal better for less smoke

                                                          iv.      Power Punch is designed as a preventative maintenance product.  Fix the engine and use Power Punch to prevent it from wearing out again

d.      Can Power Punch be used in Automatic Transmissions?

                                                              i.      Use ATT100 for automotive transmissions

                                                            ii.      Yes, the Oil Supplement can be used at 10%

                                                          iii.      Heavy duty autos benefit greatly from Power Punch

e.       Can Power Punch be used in Hydraulic Systems?

                                                              i.      Yes!  Hydraulic systems will run cooler and leak less with Power Punch.

                                                            ii.      Hydraulic systems will have much less maintenance and wear with Power Punch

                                                          iii.      Use at 5% to 10% depending upon load and speed.

f.       Can Power Punch be used in Synthetic Oils?

                                                              i.      Yes!  Only very rarely does a synthetic oil refuse to blend and these oils are very expensive

                                                            ii.      Even synthetic oils benefit from the Power Punch higher film strength and clinging action

                                                          iii.      High stress racing applications have shown substantial protection without additional drag

g.      Can Power Punch be used is tight tolerance motors?

                                                              i.      Yes!  In fact these tight motors have higher tendency for boundary wear than regular engines

                                                            ii.      Although the tolerances are close, hundreds of Power Punch polymer molecules can still pass through them at one time.

h.      Does Power Punch contain Moly, Teflon, Chlorinated Paraffins or metallic additives?

                                                              i.      No.  Power Punch is a petroleum polymer formula.

                                                            ii.      Power Punch is designed to mix completely with all oils and greases and assigns its qualities to that lubricant 


2)                  Two Cycle Oil

a.       Can I use your two cycle oil in an oil injection system?

                                                              i.      Not usually.  Most oil injectors require the oil to form a fine mist into the intake ports of the engine.  Power Punch is designed from components that will stay together and thus not “fog”

                                                            ii.      In some systems (we don’t know all of which ones) where the oil is mixed with the fuel, our Two Cycle oil will work.

                                                          iii.      If the fuel is premixed and the oil tank left empty, the engine will operate just like a premix engine.

b.      Why is Power Punch smokeless?

                                                              i.      Power Punch is designed to bond with the fuel until the fuel is burned away from it.  If there is no exposed metal to lubricate, the oil is burned in an atomized state.

                                                            ii.      Most of the oil finds metal surfaces to lubricate one the fuel is burned away

c.       What ratio should I mix your oil at?

                                                              i.      For air cooled engines our oil should be mixed at 40:1

                                                            ii.      For liquid cooled engines, our oil should be mixed at 50:1

d.      Why can’t I use the manufacturer’s ratio with Power Punch oil?

                                                              i.      The manufacturers oils is designed to be run at their ratio

                                                            ii.      Power Punch is designed to run at our ratio

e.       Is Power Punch two cycle oil certified by NMMA or API?

                                                              i.      No.  All certified oils must pass a miscibility test and thus must be 40% solvent, which is not a lubricant.

                                                            ii.      Power Punch is formulated to first a lubricant and then to be smokeless.  We use solvent but just enough to blend the components


3)                  Gear Oil Additive

a.       My manual transmission uses ATF for oil, can I still use EP?

                                                              i.      Yes!  In fact EP will make the ATF a better lubricant.

                                                            ii.      The ATF is used to speed shifting and make for better feel

                                                          iii.      EP will increase load resistance, quiet operation and reduce heat

                                                          iv.      Use of EP will also extend the life of the transmission

b.      What is EP recommended for use in?

                                                              i.      EP is recommended for use in any manual transmission, differential, transfer case or divider box

                                                            ii.      EP is recommended anytime there is a desire for reduced heat, wear or noise.

                                                          iii.      EP is recommended to extend life of all gear trains


4)                  Grease

a.       What type is Power Punch Grease?

                                                              i.      Power Punch grease is a lithium based #2 Grease

                                                            ii.      Power Punch MPG grease is a lithium simplex grease

b.      Can Power Punch grease be used in disk brakes?

                                                              i.      Yes, but it is not the type specified for disk brakes

                                                            ii.      Disc brakes specify a high temp lithium complex grease

c.       Why doesn’t Power Punch make its grease high temp?

                                                              i.      Cost.  Lithium complex grease base is almost twice as expensive

                                                            ii.      Most applications don’t need a high temp grease

d.      What is the temperature limit of Power Punch Grease?

                                                              i.      The drop point of our MPG Grease is 360 degrees F. minimum

                                                            ii.      Low temp point of Power Punch Grease is about minus 20 deg F

e.       What size packages does MPG come in?

                                                              i.      MPG 1 is a one pound tub

                                                            ii.      MPG 15 is a 14oz Gun cartridge

                                                          iii.      MPG 35 is a 35lb package in a plastic 5 gallon bucket

                                                          iv.      MPG 120 is a 120lb ¼ drum

                                                            v.      MPG 400 is a 400lb steel barrel