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4x4 Trucks Compact Sport and Sports Cars Economy Cars
4x4s run under enough load as to need a little more protection.  
If you drive off road … a lot more.
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Although their engines might not be huge, the loads generated by their performance is!
Extra Lubrication and protection is always welcome, especially with power enhancing systems like turbos, superchargers and nitrous.
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Small economical cars need to run well to stay economical.  Obviously, the longer they run, the more economical they are because they need not be replaced.  Power Punch can add years of service life while maintaining like new performance. more info
Family Cars Farm Equipment Medium Duty Trucks
Stop and go driving is the most tortuous use of a car … sometimes worse than racing!
Family cars typically need extra protection just to weather the stress of daily driving.
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Farm equipment runs in hot, dusty, dirty conditions that are many times wet too!  Extra protection is always needed to prevent heat, wear, corrosion, rust, leaks and water intrusion.  Power Punch makes products to protect expensive, valuable equipment and keep it working. more info
These trucks are the workhorses of construction and industry.  They tend to run short distances with high loads in stop and go traffic.  This is a recipe for high wear and short life.  Power Punch products can extend life and reduce repairs. more info
MotorCycles Muscle Cars Pickups, Vans, and Motorhomes
Motorcycles run under wet and wild conditions and need all the protection they can get. more info
Nothing gets the heart beating faster than the sound of a healthy muscle car!  Built to make high horsepower and fry tires, the performance and durability of muscle cars can be increased by Power Punch products. more info
From hauling home the groceries to hauling the family across country, these vehicles encounter a variety of conditions, but reliability is critical.  Power Punch can add serviceability and efficiency while preventing dry start and storage damage. more info
Power Equipment Semi Trucks Boats
Power equipment is the modern little engines that could!  Although small in size, they work hard all day long in sometimes harsh conditions.  Power Punch can make them last much longer! more info
America moves by truck and yet these behemoths of the highways produce high torque, heavy loads and running long hours under all conditions all add their share of stress.  Economy is critical, but durability is too. more info
Slicing through the water at speed, wind blowing in your hair can be a dream, but the marine environment can corrode and wear expensive pieces into a nightmare.  Power Punch can put the peace back into boating with advanced lubrication and protection. more info
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Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz EP1 Pint of EP Additive MPG1 Waterproof EP Grease in 1 lb Tub
Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz
List Price: $9.35
Our Price: $8.45
Savings: $0.90
EP1 Pint of EP Additive
Our Price: $9.00
Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge. Super Strength Extreme Pressure Gear Oil Additive with Molybdenum Disulfide suspended for superior lubrication in all manual geartrain applications.  One pint plastic bottle with easy applicator cap. Power Punch Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a 1 lb Service Tub
PA200 Oil Supplement Quart PA300 Oil Supplement Gallon MPG15 Case- 10 Grease Gun Cartridges 14oz
Power Punch Oil Supplement in the traditional quart size.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage. Power Punch Oil Supplement in Plastic Gallon Jug.  Beats wear, friction and heat.  Increases power and mileage.  Save money and drive farther. Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge.
5 Gallon Bucket of Power Punch
5 Gallons of Power Punch Oil Supplements in a plastic pail.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage.