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Although their engines might not be huge, the loads generated by their performance is!

Extra Lubrication and protection is always welcome, especially with power enhancing systems like turbos, superchargers and nitrous.


Engines need a full quart of Oil Supplement.


Manual transmissions and differentials need a pint of EP gear oil additive.


Automatics need the extra protection against heat and wear of Auto Trans Treatment


High cornering loads create extreme loads on chassis and bearings.  Our Waterproof Multipurpose grease can hold up under the highest cornering and shock loads.

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Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz EP1 Pint of EP Additive MPG1 Waterproof EP Grease in 1 lb Tub
Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz
List Price: $9.35
Our Price: $8.45
Savings: $0.90
EP1 Pint of EP Additive
Our Price: $9.00
Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge. Super Strength Extreme Pressure Gear Oil Additive with Molybdenum Disulfide suspended for superior lubrication in all manual geartrain applications.  One pint plastic bottle with easy applicator cap. Power Punch Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a 1 lb Service Tub
PA200 Oil Supplement Quart
Power Punch Oil Supplement in the traditional quart size.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage.