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Slicing through the water at speed, wind blowing in your hair can be a dream, but the marine environment can corrode and wear expensive pieces into a nightmare.  Power Punch can put the peace back into boating with advanced lubrication and protection.


Boat engines run at high loads and high speeds for long times, alternating with idling and months of storage.  This combination can make for rust corrosion and wear that will tear an engine apart quickly.  Power Punch Oil Supplement at 20% to 25% will resist the dry starts, high loads and even protect the metal during storage against corrosion and rust.


Marine transmissions, outdrives and outboards are exposed to conditions that bring metal and water close.  Even condensation is higher in boats than in cars.  Our Gear Oil Additive at 10% to 25% will add lubrication during loaded times and coat metals to prevent condensation, rust and corrosion during storage or moorage.


Boat trailers are forced to operate at road speeds after having been submerged and heavily loaded.  Bearings in this application need the waterproof, extreme protection of Power Punch Multipurpose grease.  The US Coast Guard uses Power Punch Grease its boat trailers that see regular use in salt water and have had excellent results!

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Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz EP1 Pint of EP Additive PA200 Oil Supplement Quart
Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz
List Price: $9.35
Our Price: $8.45
Savings: $0.90
EP1 Pint of EP Additive
Our Price: $9.00
Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge. Super Strength Extreme Pressure Gear Oil Additive with Molybdenum Disulfide suspended for superior lubrication in all manual geartrain applications.  One pint plastic bottle with easy applicator cap. Power Punch Oil Supplement in the traditional quart size.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage.
MPG15 Case- 10 Grease Gun Cartridges 14oz
Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge.