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Use Power Punch Waterproof Multipurpose grease for all chassis lubrication needs.


High temperature disc brakes may have bearing overheat problems and then a high temp grease is needed.  If Power Punch grease leaves “oil tracks” on the inside of the tires, switch to a high temp grease for wheel bearings.


In liquid filled hubs, use Oil Supplement (PA200) added to hub oil or Power Punch can be run straight in high load situations.

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Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz MPG1 Waterproof EP Grease in 1 lb Tub PA200 Oil Supplement Quart
Grease Gun Cartridge 14oz
List Price: $9.35
Our Price: $8.45
Savings: $0.90
Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a convenient Grease gun Cartridge. Power Punch Waterproof Extreme Pressure Grease in a 1 lb Service Tub Power Punch Oil Supplement in the traditional quart size.  Beats wear, heat and friction. Increases power and mileage.